This is the eighth volume of the Isekai Maō to Shōkan Shōjo no Dorei Majustu manga series.


Krem, who finally woke up as the Lord of the Demons. Losing the traces of the cookie-loving child, Her transformed himself into the furious Demon King, Krebskulm. Krem witnessed the moment when Rem's life was lost due to the madness of the Holy Knight Saddler. Hate finally awakens Krem as Krebskulm demon king. On the other hand, the Fallen forces gathered around Faltra City to respond to the awakening of the demon king. How will Diablo face the Krebskulm in this crisis which is also the greatest for the races? A great battle between a transcendent chaotic power vs a transcendent magical power.



  1. Demon Lord and Demon Lord I
  2. Demon Lord and Demon Lord II
  3. Demon Lord and Demon Lord III
  4. Demon Lord and Demon Lord IV
  5. Interlude I




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