This is the seventh volume of the Isekai Maō to Shōkan Shōjo no Dorei Majustu manga series.


Due to the ceremony of the resurrection held by Edelgard, the Demon Lord Krebskulm who was unleashed from Rem, a young girl who loved biscuits! Temporarily destroying the human tribe Kurumu. Rem was also freed from fate of her ancestry, and it seemed to be relieved while feeling complex. But the two were impatient betrayal and crazy full of malice! Evangelists of the Evil Dynasty brings a ceremony of resurrection to Diablo. Rem men sealed the evil spirit in herself faced a ceremony to pour Diablo's magical powers to face destiny. The ceremony was successful, and the revived demon king ... it was a baby girl like a biscuit!! Diablo, for the time being, will decide to take him a fierce demon kill = Furutara who will destroy the human tribe....[1]



  1. Trying Out Going to a Café I
  2. Trying Out Going to a Café II
  3. Rem's Story I
  4. Rem's Story II
  5. Rem's Story III




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