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Volume 13 is the thirteenth novel of the How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord series.


The Gelmed Empire suddenly declares war on the Kingdom of Lyferia. In the following conflict, the king is killed and the castle is occupied. To top it all off, the enemy’s Magimatic mages try to abduct Rem. Despite never wishing to fight in a war, Diablo wields his magical powers against his enemies, slaying the Gelmed soldiers.

While he successfully rescues Rem, Lyferia is still in a position of inferiority. To turn the tables on the enemy, Diablo single-handedly launches a surprise attack.

“I will now 《Teleport》 into Castle Grandiose and engage the enemy!”

The decisive battle approaches! Sylvie’s secret is finally revealed! The Demon Lord Krebskulm departs from Faltra! And what of Noah and the escaped Order of Palace Knights...?!

This is the thirteenth volume of the adventures of an earth-shakingly powerful Demon Lord (or at least someone who acts like one) taking on another world!

List of Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Erina Reufelia
  • Interlude
  • Chapter 2: Becoming Determined
  • Chapter 3: Invading the Castle
  • Chapter 4: Magimatic Castle Viovix
  • Chapter 5: Trying to Convince People
  • Chapter 6: Getting Licked All Over


  • *Information will be added later soon*


*Information will be added later soon*



  • Reveals another player that played Cross Reverie besides Diablo.



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