Kuzukage was a spy for the King of Kingdom of Lyferia.


When using the 《Shadow Diving》 skill, he has the appearance of a black, viscous liquid that looked like coal tar.

When he returns to human form, he is about the size of a child.  He had black clothes typical of ninjas.  His mouth was covered by an iron mask, making his facial expressions hard to grasp, and he wore a katana on his back.  


Arrogant and extremely confident, he did not hesitate to attack or show signs of wanting to flee the fight, even when his adversaries were two fallen, a powerful wizard an archer and a summoner.



Volume 4

He had been spying on Diablo's group and revealed himself when he thought that Diablo outed him. He tried to take out everyone but was destroyed by Diablo's magic.


Kuzukage is a Warrior-type character who depends upon speed, agility, and technique in order to take his opponent down.  


  • Black ninja clothes
  • Iron mask
  • Katana
  • Kunai


  • Shadow Diving》: a technique that changes Kuzukage into a black, viscous liquid which allows him to hide in the shadows and animals like a mouse in order to spy on his enemies.  
  • Shadow Running》: a technique that allows Kuzukage to move at great speeds.  With it, his speed was greater than that of Feudal Lord Galford.  
  • Flying Kunai》: a diamond-shaped edged tool that looked like the tips of a spear is aimed and thrown at the enemy.  
  • Concealing Water》: From a scroll, a wall of water appeared in front of the user to act as a shield for attacks.  


Kingdom of Lyferia


  • Although the chapter was adapted in the anime and manga where he appears and dies, he does not appear in either.