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This is the 《Demon Lord of the Eyeballs》. For others also called Demon Lord, go here.

《Demon Lord of the Eyeballs, Iankaroz》 is a Demon Lord that was absorbed by the Demon Lord of Insanity, Modinaram.


He possesses all the powers common to the Demon Kings, among them, abilities to increase the power of a fallen, increase the number of demonic beasts and heal fallen.

Unlike normal magicians who have magical power stored up in their body, Demon King's magical power was as if he was taking a peek at a flowing river; seemingly having unlimited magical power.

God Breaker》:A sword made of darkness.

Ruination Flame》:It was the flash of light that possessed a colossal amount of heat, was said to possess the greatest amount of power magic in the Cross Reverie. This power is inherited by the Demon Lord of Insanity after being absorbed.



Iankaroz was absorbed by Modinaram and died with him.


  • Modinalam created two 《God Breaker》, something that Iankaroz never did in Cross Reverie.
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