Holy Knight Tale is the ninth episode of the How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord series. It aired on August 30, 2018.


Edelgard reappears and offers Diablo a way to extract the demon lord Krebskrum from Rem's body without killing her. Meanwhile, rumors of a demon lord in Faltra brings Saddler, a ruthless and powerful Paladin, to the city.


In Order of Appearance

Spells and Summonings

In Order of Appearance

  • Cement Lock
  • Flare Burst
  • Super Mine
  • Quartz Lance
  • Lightning Bullet
  • Volcanic Wall
  • Apocalypse Abiss

Differences from the Light Novel

  • The being who is in collusion with Alicia is kept hidden.
  • It is shown what Saddler did to the town instead of just speaking of it.
  • The events in Castle Grandoise is shortened.
    • Alicia's meeting with her parents is moved to the next episode as just a memory.
    • Alicia's meeting with the king is moved to the next episode as just a memory.
      • Saddler did not intrude on the meeting.
      • Lumachina is named while in the original light novel her identity isn't known until Volume 4 and is instead just referred to in the gender-neutral term as the "head priest".
  • Diablo, Rem, Shera, and Edelgard are not intruded upon by bandits whom Edelgard killed moments later.
  • The encounter with Saddler in Pointy Ears(restaurant) is moved to a random street.