Fallen Assault is the third episode of the How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord series. It aired on July 19, 2018.


What initially was supposed to be a simple delivery quest, turns into a last bastion effort to defend against a legion of demons heading for Faltra City.


Diablo and the group sit in Sylvie's office where she assigns the group a special request that was commissioned specifically for Diablo. The person who submitted the request was Celes and is believed to be in relation to one of her subordinate's recent miss behavior toward the group. Rem states that she doesn't want to accept it due to her being indebted to Celes, but Diablo still insists he go with or without Rem. Once that is settled with Shera reads the details involved with the quest and it's a simple delivery quest, where they have to deliver refreshments to the Bridge of Ulug.

Right before Diablo and the others were about to leave the Adventurer's Guild, a man known as Emile stops them and confronts Diablo. Haughtily, Emile introduces himself as not only a super human level 50 warrior and challenges, Diablo to a duel. Although Diablo is impressed by Emile's personality, he acts in his game persona and taunts Emile. He, in turn, declares his love for all women, will save the enslaved Rem and Shera from Diablo. Wasting no time, Emile uses the sword ability, Sword Smite against Diablo, but he parries the blow with his wand. For his next move, Emile tries to use another sword skill called Alps Fall, but is knocked out by Diablo before he could. Contemplating on the disparity of the skill levels of the people in the world from the original game, Diablo concludes that Emile is just an idiot. Up again, Emile tries to attack Diablo only to be stopped by Rem and Shera who explain their situation to Emile. Now privy to the whole situation, Emile laughs off the situation and apologizes for his behavior from before. He reintroduces himself and claims if they ever need help to not hesitate to contact him, and then walks off in a gleeful manner.

Afterward, Diablo and Shera with the quest items, head to the Bridge of Ulrug, and on their way there, Shera suggests they take a dip in a nearby river. Flustered by the suggestion, Diablo rejects that notion and they continue forth. Reaching the Bridge of Ulug, they're stopped by a group of soldiers who mistake Diablo as a Fallen. However, one of the soldiers named Boris recognizes him as the horned demon everyone was talking about in the town. The two then learn from Boris that a Fallen with a large army of demons is heading that way. Noting that this sort of event never occurred in the games, Diablo wonders what could have triggered it. Furthermore, Diablo notes that due to the soldiers stationed at the bridge have such low levels the demons would break through the bridge. On the other hand, the demonic invaders wouldn't be able to damage Faltra City due to the barrier erected there. Shera states that the invasion could be related to the demons wanting to resurrect Krebskulm, Diablo figures they must be aware of Rem's seal. The soldier Boris then gives Diablo a notice of gratitude for their delivery and after hearing Boris' anxiety, Diablo volunteers to stay and fend off the invasion.

At the inn, Celes informs Rem that she discharged Galluk for his recent actions. The subject then changes to Diablo's background and how Celes is suspicious of him being a Fallen rather than a Demon Lord from another world. Rem refutes that notion, defending Diablo not being a Fallen. Just then a hysterical Galluk arrives at the scene with his hands all bloody demanding to hear from Celes that he wasn't fired from the Mages Association. Right as Galluk was about to stab himself with a black demonic dagger, Rem tries to stop him by summoning a Shadow Snake. This fails as Galluk still manages to stab himself and then transforms into the Fallen Gregore. Meanwhile, Diablo continues fighting against the Demon invaders, until the commander of the demons named Edelgard, confronts him and the two then fight.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Differences from the Light Novel

  • Emile and Diablo's confrontation is moved to after they received the Fort Bridge Ulug delivery quest instead of Emile confronting Diablo before he and Shera register as adventurers.
  • Emile assessing Diablo's Warrior level is omitted.
  • Diablo and Shera's first visit to the Bridge of Ulug is changed to when they take the delivery quest instead of crossing it on their way to Faltra City from Starfall Tower with Rem.
  • Edelgard is depicted differently and is described having golden, vertically slanted eyes like a reptile and purple lips



  • The English dub gives Edelgard full sentences when speaking.
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