Celsior is an Elf.


He is a good-looking young man. He is thin, his arms and legs were long and slender, and he was tall. His hair is dazzlingly blonde and it extended down to his waist.

The lightweight armor he's clad in is only a breastplate, and on top of that, he wore an emerald green poncho. With his trousers also being emerald green, it is equipment meant to blend in with the forest.

He's the owner of a beautiful face that could be mistaken for that of a woman’s at a glance. The small bulge from his Adam’s apple indicated that he was a male.


He will obey the orders of the royalty, no matter how much he disagrees with it because he believes it's in the best interests of the kingdom. Unfortunately, he's obeying the orders of Keera. He was strongly morally opposed to Keera's intentions towards Shera, but as the crown prince, Kiira's word is the law of the land in the Greenwood Kingdom. Selsio chose "lawful" and came to regret it, though choosing "good" wasn't likely to go very well either.



Volume 1

Celsior was told that Shera was enslaved by a slave-trader by Galluk. He and his troops had set up an ambush in the Man-Eating Woods but Shera tells the ones who she was with about their presence and the Demon attacked the area where they were at with magic forcing them to reveal themselves.

When all of the elven attacks, including the «Tempest Arrow», which is a royal treasure, completely fail to significantly harm Diablo, and then again when an enraged Diablo tear through a much larger elven army like paper to go rescue Shera from her totally depraved elder brother.

Volume 2


He is an archer who is at least Level 50.

Martial Art

  • 《Charged Shot》: A Martial Art that adds power to a weapon to increase attack power.



  • 《Evergreen Oak Arrow》: A normal, standard arrow. The arrowhead is a triangle, and it was made of wood with a length of about one meter. The tail end had flight feathers. They are used effectively against beasts of the forest and normal foes; not very effective against Demonic Beasts and Fallen.
  • 《Tempest Arrow》: Lent to him by His Majesty, the King of Greenwood. A standard among standards for bow-users around level 50. It is effective against monsters that could only be damaged by magic. It is also able to invalidate Physical Reduction effects from items like the 《The Hollow of Jet Black》.




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