Celestine Baudelaire is the head of the Mage's Association in Faltra City.


She is a beautiful woman who has long blue hair plaiting at the back of her head, while some dribbled to the front side of her chest. She wears a soft-looking light-blue form-fitting robe that goes from her shoulders to her ankles and wears a red mantle with golden embroidery.


She has a mature and gentle air about her yet also child-like. A hidden open-mindedness could be sensed within her. She is a bit too nice. According to Rem, the reason Galluk's ego got so big is that Celestine coddled him too much, and he came to believe he's incapable of wrongdoing. In fact, Rem seeing Celes frown is a sign that a line has been crossed. When Rem informs her that Demon King Krebskrum has been reborn as a small child, rather than alert the kingdom, the church, and the world, she agrees to meet the little girl first, in person, and in as private as she can. It helps that Diablo is also present, and he's proven himself trustworthy by repelling a Demonic being attack numbering 100 or so, and saved the town from Gregor first, without asking for a reward.


When she was younger she trained alongside Medios.


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She has high magical talent and power.

She can see the flow of magic.

She maintains the barrier of Faltra City


  • A beautiful wand of white porcelain with a gold ornament


Mage's Association


He was her subordinate.



She trained alongside her and had the same teacher. They were like sisters.

Rem Galleu

She views Rem as a little sister.


At first, she was suspicious of him due to having a Slavery Collar put on Rem, and him claiming to be a Demon King from Another World, thinking that he was really a Demonic Being trying to get close to Rem to release Demon King Krebskrum's Soul.

After he saved her life from the Demonic Being Gregore, she now fully trusts him.

Shera L. Greenwood


She did not show any hostility despite knowing that she was a Demon King.



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