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《Demon Lord of the Heart, Cardia》 is the Demon Lord sealed in 《The End》 in the Kingdom of Greenwood.


Cardia appears to have a large grotesque figure with numerous black tentacles, but its actual body is still sealed away and its form is merely an illusion.



When God split apart the Originator Demon Lord, Cardia was sealed in the Kingdom of Greenwood and the royal family was ordered to guard the seal.


Volume 7

Volume 9

Cardia's abilities were used by the Demon Lord of Insanity Modinalam after being absorbed by him. After Modinalam was destroyed by Diablo, Cardia whom was absorbed by the Demon Lord of Insanity was destroyed along with him.


He possesses all the powers common to the Demon Kings, among them, abilities to increase the power of a fallen, increase the number of demonic beasts and heal fallen.

Unlike normal magicians who have magical power stored up in their body, Demon King's magical power was as if he was taking a peek at a flowing river; seemingly having unlimited magical power.

Demonic Possession

Using feelings of rancor for the death of her lover, Cardia was able to take control over the body Rafleisha.


Falling Solar》: A shining sphere was created. It were as if it were the sun. It came from the sky, as if the sun were falling down.



Cardia was absorbed by Modinaram and died with him.


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