Bultame is a group of three that claim to be king of a clan of dwarves.


Volume 10


As might be expected of the Dwarf race that boasted proficiency in weapons making, their weapons were top quality. they were resilient to withstand the spells of Diablo: 《Matoi Izuna》,《Absolute Zero》.

Martial Arts

  • Alps Fall III》: It would increase his offensive ability several times over.
  • Certain Hit》: If it was invoked at a distance where the attack could reach, evasion was not allowed.
  • Sword Smite III》: A 《Martial Art》 that is "high in power but long in time until it strikes".


  • Breaker Axe》: An axe with 《Weapon Destruction effect》.
  • Ward Erase》: An armor that specializes in anti-magic.
  • Grey Spear and two-handed sword》: 《Weapon Destruction effect》.