This article contains information beyond anime broadcast which includes official informations from the original light novel and the manga adaptation.

Monsters that Appear in the MMORPG Cross Reverie.

Wild Animals

They are Monsters that leave Corpses Behind when they die.

  1. Spotted Snake》/《Madara Snake》: a level 70 Wild Animal; its located in the Man-Eating Forest, it inhabits is a swamp environment at the entrance to the forest. They also live in the water and have been sen to live in lakes. It’s a gigantic twenty-something meter long snake, its head is bigger than a person’s shoulder width. (In Volume 1, 8)
  2. Slime》: they come in different colors and abilities. Some are carnivorous and some are the type that only eat textile. They come in different colors such as green, black, red, blue, dark green, and dark yellow and have different abilities. (In Volume 2, 5)
  3. Bandits》: they treated the same as monsters and not as NPCs. (In Volume 3)
  4. Chimera》: A moving stone statue it possessed the wings of an eagle, and its tail was a snake, it was a so-called chimera. It used Petrification Breath and lightning magic── That was the configuration. (In Volume 4, 5)
  5. Cyclops Crocodiles》: They are monsters that magic is not effective on them. (In Volume 5)
  6. Legend Dragon》: An extra-large class dragon that was larger than Sand Whales and Green Behemoths. (In Volume 5)
  7. Yeti》: They are hairy and giant-type monsters.
  8. White Jägers》: a level 93 monster; they were hairy, giant-type monsters, and the superior version of the 《Yeti》. Normal weapons wouldn’t even make a scratch on them, and on top of having a high resistance to magic, they were monsters with high HP. They get damage through with a snowball even if the Physical Damage Reduction effect was applied. In the other world it is said from the northern mountains that they are atrocious monsters that have destroyed the neighboring northern countries. (In Volume 5)
  9. Grand Cancer》 : a level 99 monster; its large crab that had an overall length of 30 meters. It was a top-class monster in terms of sturdiness. Its gigantic pincers could bisect even a knight’s armor. Its movement by means of its eight legs was surprisingly fast, and it possessed a bubble breath that had a poison effect. It was an aquatic monster, but it was stronger when on land. (In Volume 5)
  10. Ant Beetle》: It’s a insect-type monster that was the gigantic and has a deep black body. They were bigger than people and had horns that looked like that of a rhinoceros beetle’s horn. They moved as a group, and they dug holes and created their nests. When their face part opened up, their gigantic tusks were laid bare. It was much more grotesque when compared to the game’s graphics. (In Volume 5)
  11. Death Dancer》: A Humanoid-type monster. It was a Skeleton that possessed several arms, and its killer technique called 《Bloody Dance》 would instantly cut Adventurers up into pieces. The stern warning for it was that it was a “dreadful monster that you should definitely run away from if you come across one”. In the game it was said that since 《Bloody Dance》 can be seen, it’s possible to evade” was ever posted, they would be called a liar. But to Diablo “Something like that is easy!” and him to not dodge after seeing an attack that had six frames (0.1 seconds) from the start of the motion to the occurrence of the attack, is foolish. (In Volume 5)
  12. Large Black Dragon》: a level 140 monster; they were categorized as wild animals but the are also treated as the dragon tribe. Its body was lined with black scales. From its head that grew a lot of horns, to the tip of its hard looking tail, it was probably about 30 meters. It’s capable of using telepathy to communicate. Dragons were ranked by their size. When it came to the Large-class, it was the king of Dragons in this region. The Dragon Tribe was not only strong, but their knowledge was also deep and vast. To pass their knowledge down a dragon child inherits the memories of the parent. Its debuff resistance is high and it has a barrier that negates damage under a fixed amount. They were of the Darkness attribute, the damage taken from the Light attribute was approximately five times more than normal. Black Dragons use 《Acid Breath》 that was an attribute attack. Its Acid Breath will have an effect even if cover was taken. Whether it was a sword or armor, even if it was a person, it would melt it if hit by the acid. Just breathing in the air mixed with acid will burn the persons lungs. (Diablo set the one in his labyrinth to have its personality setting to be 《Super Aggressive》.) (In Volume 5)
  13. Sandworm》: It’s a sturdy gigantic serpent that lives in the desert. (In Volume 6)
  14. Huge Yellow Dragon》: it’s a Thunder Dragon. It was the fastest known large-type monster. They weren’t a size that could live in a burrow, it seems that they make ravines and rocky areas their living spaces. And then, their strength was proportionate to their size. (In Volume 6)
  15. Napper》: A level 50 monster; it was a plant-type monster that was classified as a wild beast. Swords had a hard time reaching it, and it had a high resistance to magic. Hiding in the leave overhead, it makes surprise attacks with its tentacles. It’s easy to crush if arrows are used since it has low physical defense. Its appearance is a green orb. It had a size that a person could fit in it. Its surface splits open showing an eye. Tentacles that resembled plant vines grew out from its body, and by extending those, it grabbed onto a tree, and caught their prey. the Napper in the other took an action different from what it did in the game. Using the tentacles it had extended to the surrounding trees, it ran away. However, it did it while still holding on to their prey. It was stretching and wrapping its several tentacles around the trees, it pulled itself. It only repeated that action, but it was fast to the point that there wasn’t much of a difference in speed from Diablo running with all his might when escaping. They are known to live in the 《Forest of Bewilderment》. (In Volume 7)
  16. Orc》:  A pig and human mixed together a male only species.
  17. Grand Orc》:  high ranking 《Orc》. (In Volume 8)
  18. Giant Toad》: They are monsters that are eaten in 《Heavenly Mountain (Tenzan)》. (In Volume 8)
  19. Evil Monkey (Jyaen)》: a being who falls into heresy and abandons the shell known as being a person of the Races, becoming an existence that only wields the sword, a 《Oni》. Its Strength differs depending on the person who they originally were. the strongest known one is the 12th Generation Master Swordsman Graham making him stronger than when he was human. It is a giant monkey densely covered in thick black hair. When dying they return to their previous form. (In Volume 8)
  20. Blessing Bear》: a level 99 monster that’s found in the dungeon 《Dark Green Cathedral》. It has the outward appearance that seemed like it was a fancy teddy bear. They were created from magic, possessed HP that wasn’t that different from how they were in the game, and were very warlike. The special action they possessed was that they would unravel their seams and have tentacles dumped out from within. (In Volume 10)
  21. Europa》: is an Earth and Water element monster. It is from the limited quest event 『Subjugation of the Destruction God Europa』. In its incomplete state it has an excessively huge ashen snake like tongue that seemed like it could swallow an adult whole. It had no skin. Just like the anatomical model in that room in the old school building, its muscles, veins, bones, and internal organs were exposed. It wasn’t just a gigantic head, even a body came crawling out. Its skeletal structure was greatly different from that of the Races. It had four arms, and six legs. Its spine stretched out long like a snake, and the end of the tail was still within the hold. The Destruction God Europa would be completed after absorbing the Magician that summoned it. When in a complete state it’s large build was filled with magical power. Its body that didn’t have skin became covered with scales with metallic properties. Two horns grew out from both Europa’s back and chest. It shouted *Kishaaa!*. The tips of the horns shined. A semi-transparent sphere sprung forth, and enveloped Europa. Its official setting name was 《Curtain of the End》──and its nickname was “Barrier”. During the time that was up, whether it was physical attacks, magic attacks, attribute attacks, or penetrating attacks, all of them would be completely defended against. On the walkthrough sites, it was considered to be a “representation of a state where it wouldn’t receive damage rather than being a means of a powerful defense”. Just like a last boss, although Bad Statuses like Sleep and Petrify won’t work, Debuffs like Decrease Attack and Decrease Speed could be given. It would stack up countless Buffs on itself. Double Attack, Accelerate Movement, Void Recoil, Increase Attack Count, Grant Penetrating Effect…… Its base Stats aren’t all that great, but through these countless self-Buffs, the Destruction God Europa’s instant maximum Stats surpass the successive Demon Kings. In battle it wields a sword of stone and a sword of water in its hands. The weapons that it used looked like swords, but the damage targets were everything within its range. (In Volume 10)
  22. Spriggan (iron giant)》: An Earth Attribute monster. A large body that shook the ground. With a short and stout physique as if the ground had bulged up, it had fists like hammers on its brawny arms. Both its eyes and mouth were nothing but holes, and there was no telling where it was looking and it had no neck. They were said to be fairies that protected the land. Weapon that should have been effective on beasts such a fire lit arrow only make dry metallic sounds as they are made and they were repelled on the Spriggan’s skin. In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, they were guards meant to prevent anyone from stepping foot into important places. In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, it was a type that would wait in the vicinity of a base. It looked like it had a lot of stamina, but it looked like he could win with a brute force approach. Even with the attack, although it had power behind it, it was slow. when taking damage the clearly metallic surface becomes cracked, and black colored liquid was spilling out from inside of it. Instead of blood it looks like oil. If it cannot win a battle and is going to die, the Spriggan’s surface becomes completely red and self-destructs. Countless fragments that were burnt black are scattered about. (In Volume 22)
  23. Woods Bear》:  Eating the liver makes you energized. Which continues on even throughout the night. (In Volume 11)
  24. Wyvern》:  A dragon Sub-species. (In Volume 12)

Demonic Beasts

They are Monsters that change into countless particles of light and vanish when they die.

  1. Ground Dragon》: A type of Demonic Beast that can be tamed and be made into a mount. Possessing a sturdy body, it could dash across the earth faster than any monster. It was faster than a fast horse and had the ability to see in the dark. The beasts reins had a countless number of small thorns on it. (In Volume 1, 3, 4)
  2. Sand Whale》: An extra-large Demonic Beast. A 《Galleon Class》 is something that more than a hundred people could board but was several times more gigantic than that. Its a light brown whale. Its surface was hard like stone. It was said that it had a strength that rival even dragon scales and that the weapons of the Races couldn’t make even a single scratch on it. Its overall length exceeded 300 meters. The size of its mouth boasted of being the largest class among all monsters. If it were to plunge into a town, a great number of people would probably get eaten along with whole buildings. It was an extra-large Demonic Beast that stood in line with Green Behemoths and Sea Serpents. Its size could be expressed as being as big as an entire mountain, or an entire island. (In Volume 4, 5)
  3. Green Behemoth》: A extra-large Demonic Beast. It’s a larger and stronger form of the 《Black Behemoth》. (In Volume 4, 5)
  4. Sea Serpent》: A extra-large Demonic Beast. (In Volume 4)
  5. Black Behemoth》: A short and stout gigantic──A Huge Dragon-class gigantic creature. Its figure resembled a wild boar with black body hair. It’s sharp tusks grew out from both ends of its mouth. On its head, there were two gigantic horns, and were sticking out forward like spears. From the back of its head to its tail, thorn-like protuberances sporadically grew out. It is classified as a large-sized Demonic Beast. A sturdy and warlike Demonic Beast. It had the nickname 《Lord of the Black Forest》in Blackwood. (In Volume 7)
  6. Black Fang》: a level 80 demonic beast. It’s a large black wolf that lives in 《Heavenly Mountain (Tenzan)》on the mountain trail to the 《Master Swordsman’s Hermitage》. (In Volume 8)
  7. Giant Grizzly》: a level 80 demonic beast. It’s a gigantic ashen bear that lives in 《Heavenly Mountain (Tenzan)》on the mountain trail to the 《Master Swordsman’s Hermitage》. (In Volume 8)
  8. Great Master》 : a level 99 demonic beast. It had a skeleton head, and a body of nothing but bones. Within its rib cage, is a shiny scarlet crystal. If it was just in appearances, it was close to the small fry monster called Skeleton, but it was too gigantic. And then, it held a stone large sword in its hand. Despite its large build, it was unthinkably fast. When it is first defeated the Great Master’s crystal will break and scattered about. When those pieces fell to the ground, the ground swelled and new Great Masters appear equal to the number of fragments. It’s the monster that needs to be defeated in the trial to surpass the limit of the Races. (In Volume 8)
  9. Giant Crow》: A jet black giant bird. It had the outward appearance of a crow, but it was big enough that it seemed like it could swallow a person of the Races whole. Its sharp beak was longer than a longsword. They attacked by opening its wings, and flapped them. Its legs floated away from the ground. It would temporarily flying high up, it rushed in from the sky. Many of the techniques of the Races were on the assumption that the enemy would be on the ground. It was difficult to make an attack towards the sky. Moreover, with the Giant Crow adding in the force of its descent, the power of its attack was equivalent to a Giant’s hammer. (In Volume 9)
  10. Grand Turtle》: An extra-large demonic beast; not even the Demon King can make them obey their orders. It’s a turtle as if it was a moving castle. (In Volume 5, 9)
  11. Black Snake》: A demonic beast that’s a black snake one was generally about as strong as a large-sized Demonic Being. They have the range of a magi gun and couldn’t be defeated with low level magic. (In Volume 9)
  12. Large Black Snake》: A demonic beast that’s the evolved form of 《Black Snake》. Its oral cavity that looked like it could swallow even a giant whole, let alone a person of the Races, made a sound and opened. It was lined with teeth that were like swords. (In Volume 9)
  13. Unknown insect typeDemonic Beast》: A rhinoceros beetle bigger than a person. (In Volume 9)
  14. Chimera》: It had the head and body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and snake for a tail. This Demonic Beast possessed a barrier that nullifies magic. On top of that, its defense against physical attacks was also high. (In Volume 9)


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