Alicia Crystella is an Imperial Knight. She was born as a daughter of a duke house.


Alicia is a tall, beautiful woman with a thin body and long, slender limbs, and long waist-length red hair.

She also wears small, edged glasses, which gives her an intellectual impression, along with wearing lightweight, easy-to-move-in armor, that lets her shoulders out, and a mantle. Her armor highlights her breasts.


Alicia's public face is that of a kind, polite, friendly, and gentle person with a strong sense of moral justice towards anyone who threatens the peace and safety of the kingdom and its people. Along with having an amazing communication ability, she has shown to have a sharp awareness of her surroundings and the people around her.

Her true self, on the other hand, is one who hates all of the known Races, including herself, calling them unsightly and weak. Contrary to that belief, she truly admires Demonic Beings, considering them beautiful and superior lifeforms.

However, both her public and true-self share one common trait. In both forms, Alicia was someone that was always too serious. No matter what she did, she earnestly exerted her all without making any compromise. What she loves most about the Demonic Beings is the sheer amount of damage and destruction they do, with little to no restraint, and is enamored with Diablo for the same reason. The fact that Diablo calls himself "a demonic king from another world" only serves to amplify this mindset. Furthermore, she's obsessed with the principle that nothing should be left half-finished.


Her mother and father were abusive toward Alicia. They forced her to study "proper" education until it damaged her eyesight and would then berate her for wearing glasses she wears. These were necessary so that she could see (at least well enough to actually be able to recognize who she's talking to). Alicia's parents would also routinely rummage through her possessions without notice or consent, despite her being a full-grown adult. They'd also summarily destroy anything they consider "improper", only notifying her about it afterwards, and are constantly dismissive of her career and efforts. Her parents even go so far as to threaten her with ambushing her with a "proper" husband that they choose for her, if she doesn't hurry up and find one for herself.

Eventually, Alicia was forced to become an Imperial Knight, and endured a great deal of humiliation in the process, as the token female knight. Through the massive hatred culminated over the years stemming from the abuse of her parents and the Imperial Knights, she snapped, and wanted to end it all.


Volume 2

Alicia is summoned by Chester Ray Galford. She presents herself to Diablo's party and chats with Rem, Shera, and Diablo.

Volume 3

Volume 4

Alicia held hostage to save Shera.

Volume 6

Volume 12

Alicia meets Diablo again in the inner Sanctum of the Church where she has secured the safety of Horn and Sylvie who were at the Capital. She reveals that she had an extensive information network that kept track of Diablo's whereabouts until he and his companions went into hiding. When the Capital was attacked and the castle was on fire, she initially responded by laughing in glee. After recovering from her overly ecstatic state, she defended the bridge to the Church with Rem. While helping Rem escape from being captured by the Empire, she in turn was captured and enslaved by the Empire who found her to be compatible with the most powerful Magimatic Sol <<Goldinus of the Gold>>. This ability had consumed and killed every previous attempted user.

Volume 13


Alicia is noble and strong since only those with a pedigree and true strength can become a state knight. As a Warrior, she has stated that she is merely on the level of about 40. She has strangely been found by the Gelmed Empire to be a rare Human that is compatible with a Magimatic Sol as they are typically only compatible with non-human females.


Her weapon of choice is a sword.

She has also had her family provide her with Expensive Magic Stones that are loaded with High Level Magic sealed inside. She has a very limited quantity of these as they cost a fortune to make each stone.


Kingdom of Lyferia

While she is well regarded by the King and publicly a state knight of high esteem, Alicia hates the Kingdom and its corrupt officials.



Alicia views Edelgard as a beautiful being since she is a Fallen, but is also loyal to her since she saved her life from the other Fallen that tried to kill her when their plan to fully awaken Klem failed.


Alicia desired to revive Krebskulm in order to destroy all races, but was disappointed that when Krebskulm revived, she had a childish mentality and was persuaded to not harm the races. She then conspired to awaken her with hatred by having Saddler harm someone Klem cared about.

Diablo's Group


When Alicia initially met Diablo, she merely thought of him as a strong being that could be manipulated into furthering her goals of reviving the Demon King and causing the destruction of the Races. After Alicia was attacked by the Demonic Beings other than Edelgard for failing to fully revive Krebskulm, she lost her purpose in life until Diablo gave her a new purpose. She is now fiercely loyal to Diablo. In exchange for Diablo and Krebskrum's aid in healing Edelgard, she first offers to take her own life, when Diablo prevents that, she willingly devotes her life to his service. It doesn't hurt that she interprets Diablo's words as seeking to root out and destroy the corruption of the kingdom she hates, even if it ultimately means overthrowing the kingdom in the process.

Rem Galleu

Shera L. Greenwood


They have a good relationship, since Alicia declared that she belongs to Diablo, and that she would die the moment he gave the order for her to die.






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